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Summer Time…Moving Time

Summer is one of the busiest times for relocations – ask any real estate agent.

When you have found your next dream home, you probably are not thinking of your Estate Plan – you have enough to do just planning the move.

The reality is that there are two things to consider during and after the move.

First, Organize and keep those important legal documents with you. Don’t trust them to moving companies.  You might just have a critical need for a particular document and would not want to go through the hassle of floundering through cartons to find that important piece of paper.

One rather bizarre event was when a client’s associate, during their overseas move, lost most of their household items overboard. Their entire container left the dock and took a nosedive into the water, along with their legal documents, photo albums and irreplaceable collectibles. Their insurance documents were, of course, in the container.

Second, After the move /consult your estate plan documents (or have your legal advisor do the job) and think about if and how your situation may have been affected.  The most obvious change would be moving to/from a community property state or to a foreign country…there are differing laws for different states and countries that could affect your estate plan.

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Collectors Dreams

Across my desk came an interesting offering from Heritage Auction* – a book titled – The Collector’s Handbook. It is a 204 page volume offered in pdf format.’(or you can order the hard copy of the book)

The forward by James L. Halperin is both entertaining and insightful. The book will be a useful source of information for anyone with a collection –  to learn how to catalogue and maintain records and for those  who have inherited a collection (whether valuable or sentimental).

Some of the chapters of particular interest include :  Estate Planning for Your Collectibles,  All in the Family and Division of Assets.

And one point in the book made by the authors:

“We strongly recommend that, after studying this information, you engage the services of a competent legal professional, preferably an attorney who is board-certified in estate planning and/or probate law by your state, and a tax advisor, preferably a CPA. An experienced and competent professional with expertise in life insurance should also become a valuable part of your team of advisors.”

I could not have written that better myself.

For anyone who has inherited a potentially valuable collection – remember these basic principles:

  • Preserve and Protect the collection until decisions are made
  • Have the collection professionally valued
  • Consider the tax implications of any decision

The Collector’s Handbook 2016 10th edition  James L. Halperin, Gregory J.Rohan with Mark Prendergast, Ivy Press Inc, Dallas, Texas

* You can learn more about Heritage Auction through their website and they offer a free membership.

Working to Preserve Your Wealth and Protect Your Future…in a Constantly Changing World

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Approaching the End of the Year

As unbelievable as it seems, this is the final eight weeks of 2016. The next few months will be a blur of holiday planning, shopping and events that will keep a family busy, busy, busy.

Remember to put on your calendar a note to locate, to organize and to review your important documents. Tax time will soon roll around and rather than waiting until the final days of December (which will be far too busy anyway) – NOW might be a good time to:

Review your financial documents and make any adjustments;

Meet with financial advisors and CPAs;

Begin to consider any asset allocation changes for tax planning purposes; and

Review all your estate planning documents.

If you do not have an estate plan, consider the pros and cons of developing one. ( See my Infographic about having a will vs having a trust)

Do any of the following describe a 2016 event in your life?

  •  Acquired significant assets;
  • Began to plan for retirement;
  • Planning to adopt a child;
  • Made a change of lifestyle;
  • Moving/moved to another state;
  • Are in the process of a divorce, marriage or remarriage;
  • Going into business;
  • Planning to exit a business;
  • Starting a family;
  • Experiencing a significant change of health;
  • Had a death in the family;
  • Changed jobs/lost a job

Then… now is the time to meet with an attorney who can advise on how to start the estate planning process; alter your estate plan; review your legal documents/contracts and discuss your future alternatives.

Keep in mind that without a Will – if anything happens to you – your assets, your family and your future might fall into the “default” position of having the state decide for you.


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