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What Your Attorney May Not Tell You…

The Durable Power of Attorney is an important and powerful tool in your Estate Planning arsenal. When properly constructed, the document can offer peace of mind for you; for your beneficiaries and for loved ones who may be become responsible for your future care.

However, a word of caution. Your Power of Attorney document may not be determined as adequate for your financial institution to release funds when required. The financial institution may require their own form be filed. This would be particularly true of any foreign financial institutions.

An excellent article with some ‘real life’ examples is: New York Times on line: Finding Out Your Power of Attorney Is Powerless by Paula Span THE NEW OLD AGE ( MAY 6, 2016)

The article offers advice and examples of what families have had to do to access funds.

It is important to have an attorney draft your critical Estate Planning documents and to have those documents faithfully reviewed annually.

Contacting each financial institution about their required form may appear to be a laborious task, however, it can save your loved ones from unwanted legal issues.

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