Endless Disruption

The term endless disruption is most often seen in articles about technology and the changes that occur (sometimes seemingly overnight) in this digital age. Continuous changes in personal life events, external forces and new legislation can also lead to a type of endless disruption for an individual’s plans for the future.

A recent article about how organizations can learn (and adapt to change) caught my attention.  In his article: Learning How To Learn by Willie Pietersen, the author suggests that the most successful companies instill learning as a habit and embrace change.  Those corporations that cannot recognize change; accept change and respond to it are doomed to fail.

Success means dealing with (and embracing) endless disruption.

Estate Planning is a segment of the law that deals with constant change.  The lives of my clients are ever-changing – births, deaths, marriages, divorces; remarriages, formation and dissolution of businesses; fortunes being made, lost or inherited; properties/assets being acquired or disposed of; clients’ changing health situations;  economies that falter; changes in tax laws; job changes and relocations- all are life events in a state of flux.

Changes in legislation and in digital technology are also impacting the estate planning process. (see my articles about digital wills)

Change is scary; information overload is rampant and the rate of change in today’s society is rapid and disruptive.  Taking no action in the face of change and uncertainty is thought to be a ‘safe’ alternative.  But if one stays ‘frozen’ in the face of uncertainty, no decisions are made; change happens around us and we have not adapted to the forces that are affecting our lives.

We also have relinquished the ability to positively respond when the need arises.

Apple co-founder Steve Woznik was quoted (2015):  “…(appoint) someone to look out for what is coming, for what might disrupt you own business…(a Chief Disruption Officer of sorts)”

Interestingly, my tag line – written several years ago – Working To Preserve Your Wealth and Protect Your Future…in a Constantly Changing World – seems particularly an apt one – to cope with the potential endless disruption of my client’s plans.

Yes, the world is in a state of flux, and Estate Planning is an area of law well-suited to respond to the many and continuous changes happening in a client’s life and in the world around them.

Taking the first step and talking to an estate planning lawyer could help ‘unfreeze’ your decision- making.

Working To Preserve Your Wealth and Protect Your Future…in a Constantly Changing World


About Attorney Barbara Ann Dalvano

Attorney in Denver, Colorado with extensive practice experience in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Business Succession Planning, Probate, Contract Law.

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