Strange Wills

While researching material for future blogs, I came across an article, a very old Associated Press article, about some of the strange wills made during times of war.

According to an Associated Press article of 1917, came the story of ‘rhyming’ wills – written by soldiers (often battling in the trenches) during the World War.

One in particular caught my eye – a will written in rhyme by a soldier – battling in “No Man’s Land”

I haven’t a sweetheart, I haven’t a mother

I’ve only one sister, not even a brother

My sister Susan is all I’ve got

So of ought that’s mine, she can have the lot”

The War Office at the time upheld the hand- written will. The soldier’s last wishes were carried out.

According to the AP article: “War Office authorities make every effort to carry out the soldier’s wishes, however crudely they are expressed or however fantastic they may be”

Such so called “Trench- made will” of the time were often written in a soldier’s paybook and carried with him throughout the war.

We have come a long way since such simple (eccentric)  wills were upheld, but the point is that even such a simple will was (is) better than no will at all.

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