Aging Single – Considerations for the Single Never-Married

I have previously written about some of the unique issues of the single and never- married person as they relate to Estate Planning. (See previous post titled – Single and Loving It)

In addition to considerations and decisions of planning an estate; medical directives and beneficiary designations, there are other questions to ask as a single, never- married person approaches retirement and the years beyond. 

Will I enjoy a house, condo or apartment lifestyle?
How will I maintain and extend my ‘safety network’ of like-minded friends?
Do I want to choose a location that offers the opportunity of cultural experiences?
Will I need to seek post-retirement, part-time job opportunities or volunteer work?
How close will I be to medical facilities?
Will I have access to fitness opportunities to maintain my health?
Is it important to be close to the religious affiliation of my choosing?
Is transportation available if I can no longer drive?
Will I be able to use technology to enhance my lifestyle, for example use of the internet?
Is proximity to education facilities, for example continuing education, important to me?

These are just a few of the issues that a single/never -married might consider when making plans to retire or relocate.

Although many of the questions are not necessarily unique to single people, some are more critical to those who do not have any close family member to assist them through the aging process.

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