Family Record-Keeping

I have written frequently about being prepared for life’s unexpected events. In many ways, Estate Planning is about being prepared for the unexpected.

Our friends at Squared Away Blog – Center for Retirement Research at Boston College ( have made some excellent summer reading and viewing recommendations.  One of their selections is:

My Family Record Book: The Easy Way to Organize Personal Information, Financial Plans, and Final Wishes for Seniors, Caregivers, Estate Executors, etc. Paperback – June 29, 2015   by Harris N. Rosen.

If you are a member of “Kindleunlimited” the e-book is free to read.

If you do not have “Kindleunlimited” you can pay $3.95 for the e-book version.

It is also available in paperback for $15.95 (

According to the book’s ‘blurb’ – My Family Record Book is a complete step-by-step guide that will help you keep tract (sic) of and organize: final wishes & arrangements, computer information and passwords, estate planning documents, employment records, insurance policies, tax records, retirement accounts, government benefits, real estate records,  house maintenance and more!

Note: If my readers were wondering about the derivation of (sic), it is another one of those Latin words/phrases that have been retained in our language (see my previous article titled: Our Latin Roots – 7/9/16 in my website Archive)

The Latin adverb sic or more fully ‘sic erat scriptum’ means “thus it was written”. The (sic) is used to signify that one is quoting directly from what was written and includes some fault in the quote/word. Yes, we lawyers love our Latin!

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