Colorado Conservation

Living and practicing law in a state like Colorado I am always interested in what is happening to the extensive agricultural and scenic lands in the state, not only from the legal perspective, but also from the POV of a resident of our lovely state.

The Colorado Coalition of Land Trust (CCLT) is an interesting group, working toward conservation within the state. Their website offers information about land initiatives and there are many other articles available of interest.

Two of the free (and free is good) offerings from CCLT are:  “The Disappearing West report”  and the “Mountain & Prairie” podcast by Ed Roberson (interviews with “creative individuals who are helping to shape the future of the American West.)” Note: For the podcast you will need Apple iTunes.

If you live in Colorado, or are interested in conservation topics, check out the CCLT website.   

Another interesting read (whether you agree or disagree with the concept of land trusts):

Journal Advocate – guest column post – Conservation gives landowning families a choice       By Erik Glenn and Jordan Vana (Guest column)  06/08/2016

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