DNA and Your Estate Plan

I have previously written about the impact of assisted reproductive technology (ART) on a person’s estate plan. The article is titled:  The Ticking Clock & The Ticking Time Bomb (2/9/15) on my website:  www.attorneybarbaradalvano.weebly.com

That article dealt with frozen genetic material, assisted reproductive technology and the Estate Planning process.

There are cases where a child is born after someone’s death and again some cases where that child is the product of assisted reproductive technology. (The eggs had been frozen and then implanted in a surrogate.

There is a slippery slope created in terms of ART, frozen genetic material and issues of Estate Planning. Another factor in Estate Planning is evolving and that is the proof of biological connection, via DNA analysis.  The most notable current situation – following the recent death of Prince, people came forward who claimed to be biologically related to the music legend and wanting to claim part of his substantial estate.  Interestingly, a judge (prior to the cremation) had ordered DNA collection from the music legend.  This test could determine whether the future claims of heredity were valid.  Those people who claimed to be the biological relations of Prince would have to prove that connection with their own genetic testing results.

Thus, genetic testing for heredity is moving into the realm of estate planning. DNA test results could prove or disprove biological relationship in an inheritance dispute – even post mortem.

Should everyone have their DNA tested and kept on file. That depends on the likelihood of a dispute, the size of the estate and other factors.  But it certainly offers another aspect of Estate Planning strategy.

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