Digital Legacy Tools

I have previously written about leaving a digital legacy and how digital assets can become incorporated into Estate and Legacy Planning. As the internet of things continues to evolve, use of data will be certain to evolve also.

From our Friends at The Digital Beyond:  comes a new article about an online digital legacy tool –

Loggacy: Enabling You to Record Your Legacy (Posted: 12 Jun 2016 10:00 PM PDT)

From the Digital Beyond website:  “The emergence of online digital legacy tools, that provide us with the opportunity to record our lives online and leave an everlasting legacy, provide a meaningful solution to the aforementioned conundrum concerning ‘immortality’.

Loggacy is one such digital legacy tool; founded with the intention of connecting generations of family and friends so that our most precious memories and experiences may be preserved perpetually.

From the Loggacy website (  “Loggacy connects generations; enabling users the opportunity to share their experiences and memories with their loved ones on both a safe and secure digital platform.”

Share, Reflect and Never Be Forgotten

According to the founders of Loggacy:  The site offers control over your digital legacy by allowing you to share that legacy with only those you choose – or..if you so choose, you can make your legacy very public, the choice is yours.

Loggacy is evolving and I offer no opinions about its free offer to sign up.  The offer is intriguing, as is the concept of digital immortality.

Again, after reading the Loggacy information, the choice will be yours.

At the very least it might lead people to think about their digital assets.


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