Financial Literacy Month

I have written previously about the importance of growing and maintaining your financial literacy in order to provide a solid base for retirement.

Here is a brief list of some recent articles available on my website ( –

  •  Running from Retirement
  • Off the Tracks
  • Veterans and Retirement
  • Save for Retirement or Pay for College
  • Part-time Workers and Retirement

Now we have an entire month devoted to the topic of your financial literacy!

Our friends at Squared Away blog (Boston College) have produced a series of videos – the Financially Fit Video Series.

A few of the tiles in the series: “Free Money”; Living on Borrowed Time”; The Road to Investing Your Assets”; “Retirement: A Good Idea”; “Demystifying Investments””; “Finding Your Magi”; “Tax Myths and Planning” and “What You Never Learned in High School”.

The series is free (and free is good) and includes a total of thirteen videos. By now your interest should be piqued!

Access the videos through the Squared Away site:  and sign up for their newsletter which will alert you to future interesting articles from Boston

From the blog site: “The Squared Away Blog has been recognized by both The Wall Street Journal  and AARP.  “In clear, straightforward language,” writes AARP blogger and NBC Today financial editor Jean Chatzky, the blog “delves into what future and current retirees need to focus on.”

The site helps people “get their all-important financial matters “squared away”;  is sponsored by the Center for Retirement at Boston college and is “ for individuals, as well as practitioners in the field of financial literacy, including financial advisers, educators, employers, government and foundation officials, and researchers.” Read blogger Kim Blanton’s interesting bio on the site.

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