Eating CAKE – and Planning Final Wishes

I have written previously about the difficulty of thinking (or talking) about one’s own mortality and final wishes. That difficulty is one of the classic reasons why many people avoid drawing up a will or beginning an estate plan.  However, if two young innovators achieve their goals, then we now will be able to say…There’s An App For That!”

Founder Suelin Chen is one of the innovators of an app named CAKE. It is an end-of-life planning tool for anyone, even “20 somethings”.  It is certainly a unique idea to have an app that helps people to identify questions that begin with …When I am gone…

The app is free and can be accessed via The sign up for the app apparently is in beta stage (still in test stages).

An example of a CAKE app question: “When I am gone I would want my facebook profile to be deleted”

Answers to the questions enable people to examine what they want their last wishes to be.

My opinion is that this new app would  not replace estate planning or legal documents, but rather it will be one tool for individuals to familiarize themselves with the questions to ask.

The developers of CAKE wrote that they had interviewed individuals in the funeral industry, estate planners and those in the healthcare industry, among others.

They wrote on their website: “The whole point of doing end of life planning is to make living better.”

These innovators appear to have understood the process!

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