Take-Aways from the White House Conference on Aging (posted September, 2015)

‘No, we are not talking about the ‘doggie bag take-aways’ from restaurants. This article is about some specific initiatives formulated at the White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA). According to the Conference press release the conference was to deal with “issues facing every American as they plan for retirement, care for older loved ones and improving the quality of life for older Americans.”

I have written often about aging with dignity and the issues surrounding the older population in America, as well as the financial impact upon the family caregivers of the elderly. These issues are very real to many Americans and an important segment of the estate planning process spanning generations.

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On July 13, 2015 the White House held their most recent Conference on Aging (WHCOA) and here is a brief synopsis of some of the issues/initiatives of that conference.

A new website was launched: www.Aging.gov to assist the elderly and their families in gaining easier access to information about the many programs that are available.

The conference also highlighted issues of Elder Justice and the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) – dealing with elder abuse in its many forms such as financial exploitation, fraud, neglect, stalking and crime

Access to critical nutrition was another priority surrounding issues of the health of the elderly.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) initiated Go4Life an exercise and physical activity campaign for older adults.

For more information about aspects and discussion of the Conference, visit www.hhs.gov; www.aarp.org and www.healthaffairs.org

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