Walking The Tightrope

If you are a caregiver or family member of someone with a diminished level of capacity and capability you understand the feeling of walking a ‘tightrope’. The daily challenges are enormous and it is a balancing act that you perform every day. You balance your caregiving responsibilities with other life events and family issues. You balance financial necessities. As a family member, it is often a balancing act to determine how much help to offer and how. It is also a question of how to access the services that you need and to secure the “safety net” in case something happens to you – the caregiver. As a family caregiver your instinct is to protect the loved one from harm, from indignities and from those who might take advantage of them.

Our friends at the National Consumer Law Center are offering a free webinar titled: The Fine Art of Balancing Protection with Self Determination. The webinar is on Sept. 22, 2015 at 2PM (EST)

You must register with NCLC for the free webinar.

Log onto their website www.nclc.org and if you have questions you can send an email to them at trainings@nclc.org

According to the webinar information: “This session will talk about recognizing the signs and signals of abuse, neglect (self-neglect) and exploitation, tools to maximize communication with persons with differing abilities, and promoting self-determination and choice through supported approaches that mitigate against risk and empower individuals…”

Presenters will be David Godfrey (Senior Attorney, American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging) and Jonathan Martinis (Legal Director, Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities)

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