Take Stock of Your Digital Data

Here is my original article about the importance of digital data

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Words like digital executor, digital legacy, digital assets and digital heir are creeping into our vocabulary and into our communal psyche. One might assume that your digital data includes your on line ID’s, subscription accounts, pass codes, emails, stock accounts, as well as your collection of iTunes and your entire social media persona. One of the reasons that the topic has not come to the forefront sooner, perhaps, is that the “Baby Boomers” have had less of a digital footprint than later generations. Whatever the reason, there is fast approaching the time when we will face the legal issues of what happens to our digital data, our digital legacy, our digital inheritance after our death. As one person commented, a few more generations and they will not know what “paper” is!

In years gone by, inheritance involved “tangible” property, the “immoveable” things such as a house or land, as well…

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