More Money Ideas for Retirement

In a previous post titled “Money Making Ideas for Retirement” I provided a partial list of income ideas for those people who are retired (or dreaming of retirement). The ideas not only had the potential to provided added income, but also to give a new “slant on life”. Here are more ideas that retired people have offered as potentially fulfilling “second career” choices.

When I was in South Dakota for a conference I met two delightful couples who seem to have the absolute right attitude toward their retirement lifestyle. One couple ran a gallery in the state lodge. Their crafts were truly exceptional and they not only had great pride in their work, but also they were able to travel in the areas that they loved, offering their artwork to tourists. Another couple were “professional” volunteers. I met them in the small museum within the state park. They travel by RV each year (and have been returning to the same location for three years) to the park when it opens for the season. They keep their RV at the park and do volunteer work during the tourist season. She volunteers in the museum and he is a handyman. Then they pack up and head south again when the park closes for the winter. They love meeting new people, are never ever bored and are able to maintain an active and exhilarating lifestyle.

Another idea came via the internet…one retired teacher has developed her second career as an on-line tutor. She adores interacting with her young students, helping them to excel in their learning activities.

I remember a retired CPA who created a steady income stream by helping the adult children of aging parents. Each month he visited his older clients and reconciled their bank statements and filed the appropriate paperwork for insurance, physician and prescription reimbursements. He loved his work, was constantly learning new processes for insurance reimbursements and was a blessing to the adult children. He was also able to head off any possible situations of financial mismanagement. His was indeed a WIN WIN WIN new career.

Keep those ideas coming in to me about post retirement careers and I will post on my blog.

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