Millennials, Wills & Retirement

I have often written that it is never too early to start the Estate Planning process. Once you begin to acquire assets; get married; have a family; or start a business – these are all signals that you might want a plan to help direct your future. Apparently a number of ‘millennials’ agree with me. In a recent – (October 16, 2014) there is an article by Lily Rothman titled: ‘The Last Will and Testament of a Millennial’. Not only is Ms. Rothman an excellent author, one who writes with great wit, charm and humor – her article is insightful and thought-provoking about the concerns of the “millennial generation”. You can also access via (the internet magazine) another article titled: ‘5 Things Every Millennial Should Know About Retirement’ by Jack Dickey. “Millennial” has been defined as those individuals born between 1981- 1996 (although there are various other dates offered for the millennial generation e.g. 1977-1992) However, there seems to be a consensus that Millennials follow the Baby Boomers and GenX. If you are a ‘millennial’ then the Rothman and Dickey articles will be of particular interest. My opinion is that these millennials are on the right track in planning for the future and towards a comfortable retirement. On my website there is an infographic titled: “A Life Plan You Can Live With”. You can access the infographic by going to and clicking on the ‘Infographics’ section under the drop down menu of ‘Professional Activities.’ Feel free to make copies of any helpful infographic you find there! I am currently researching an article about guardianship for minor children, which should be of interest to millennials (and others) who have a young family. Stay tuned.

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