Sticks and Mortar Grounded In The Law Anniversary

Cannot believe that the “Sticks and Mortar Grounded In The Law” blog has been around for a year. I am busy contemplating the thousands of words posted so far…and the millions of words necessary to cover the topic of Estate Planning into the future. What was never shared with my readers is how the blog site got its name. In truth, the “naming” happened, not in a boardroom or a legal office, but rather in a hot tub! It was the evening when the tough decision was made of whether blogging would even appear on my radar. Would there be enough time, and enough interesting content to share? Well, one finds the time and as far as content is concerned, the difficulty is not in finding adequate content, but rather selecting from the huge amount of content and ideas that are part of Estate Planning issues. The name for the blog derived from a concept of the “sticks” being the specific legal topics and the “mortar” being the relevant legal issues. The Sticks and the Mortar are “Grounded” in the details of individual Estate Planning Law. Within Estate Planning are various segments/sections/subsections of law, including Wills, Trusts, Probate, Guardianship, Contract Law, Tax Law – a complex and changing legal framework. I hope you enjoy the content of the blog and that the far-ranging topics are both interesting and informative.


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About Attorney Barbara Ann Dalvano

Attorney in Denver, Colorado with extensive practice experience in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Business Succession Planning, Probate, Contract Law.

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