Life Ambitions-What Do I Really Want To Do?

I read recently the phrase…”inching toward retirement” and thought, what a lovely turn of phrase.  Most people who anticipate their retirement years, do not consider it so much as a “leap” but rather a slow progression.  Perhaps one is not as motivated in the job, or more avidly looks forward  to vacation time or time away from the office.  Those might be signals that you are “inching toward” retirement. And, by the way, this can occur at any age! 

 Many of the baby boomer generation have embraced the concept of a “bucket list” (things they want to accomplish/see/enjoy while they still can); or they have the urge to “give back” to society; or have very specific plans for their post retirement (which might even include starting a new business). 

 There is a newish and burgeoning field of people who are willing to help with “retirement coaching”.  They presumably help future/new retirees to handle issues like:  loss of structure/meaning to their days; loss of title/status/colleagues; time management when executives no longer spend 8, 10, or more hours in the office; inactivity both social and physical and more.  Sessions for “retirement coaching” do not come cheap.  I read that some programs can cost from $50 per hour to $10,000 per year, and one program was offered at a cost of $100,000. 

 Thus, it was a delight to read about one blogger, Bob Lowry, who has held his blog spot for more than four years.  He has offered up many blogs per year and has had over 1.2 million page views.  It is retirement coaching for free!  He even, in the past, has answered personal emails and had individuals post to his blog about their own methods of dealing with various retirement issues.  All this for free…and free is good.

 Bob Lowry has published books on the topic of retirement, but in his own admission he is not out to make money, but rather to help people with some thorny issues related to what they will face as they enter retirement. His credentials are excellent – Bob was a Top 40 Program Director and later operated his own consulting and research firm.  He has published two books about retirement.  His homespun blog is informative; insightful and has an avid following.  I just found it, and I hope Bob continues to post his articles, since it seems that he is one of the “original” retirement coaches…and does not charge for his services!

 You can find Bob’s blog at … for his experience-based retirement advice.

 If retirement is not in your future, read my posting…Running From Retirement…for more ideas.  Also, there is an infographic on my site, Life Plan…about the phases (by decades) of planning for your future.

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