Minutes To Evacuate

Here is a popular article that appeared originally on my website  http://www.attorneybarbaradalvano.weebly.com

This year’s wildfires and tornadoes in Colorado inspired me to repost this article.  What is most important when you have only a few minutes to evacuate your home?

Many people think of the three “P’s” – People, Pets, Photos

A word about photos.  You can scan your treasured photos and save them in the “cloud” or even on a cd or a thumb drive in a virtual album.  Surely, not as good as the originals, but at least you will save the memories

Consider taking photos of your valuables for insurance purposes in the event of loss.

We will add two more “P’s” to the list:  Prescription and Papers

Keep a list of all your recent prescriptions, including eyeglasses and contact lenses. Remember baby formula.

Papers include copies of all important documents: vehicle titles, deeds, timeshare, birth and death, adoption, banking, lease agreements, credit card information, medical insurance cards, passports, estate plans, wills, social security cards, property settlements, divorce decrees, IRS notices, diplomas. Make a list of their identifying numbers.

Also include passwords to accounts.

Having this information will make it much easier to replace the documents.

What else?  In addition to the five “P’s” – People, Pets, Photos, Prescriptions, Papers

Take time to consider the Location of important items: 

Laptops, mobile devices, charging cables,

Cash and Credit cards

Cell Telephone and Charger

 Be Proactive! Prepare, Plan, Practice

You may only have minutes to gather your important possessions, so be Proactive.

Build your personal checklist of important items and their locations.  Encourage other family members to get involved in the project.  Place as many items in one place for easier access.

Firearms – Are they locked in a secure location?  Could you access them quickly.

Home Safe – Is it accessible. Who has the key or combination?

Vehicles – Are the keys accessible?  Are there copies of keys so that you can move the vehicle?

Valuables – art collections, memorabilia, coins, family heirlooms.  Would you be able to move everything you want quickly.  Do you have containers that are accessible to move them? 

 Prepare and Practice

Is it feasible to safely remove everything that is important to you within thirty minutes?  With a good plan, preparation and practice the feasibility increases. Consider assigning each family member with a particular task during the evacuation. If you are new to an area, know the safest travel routes that might remain open.

 So, Let’s Review –

People, Pets, Photos, Prescriptions, Papers

Proactive, Plan, Prepare, Practice

 We all hope we do not have to implement our evacuation plan!

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