On Grief and Grieving

This post ran a few months ago on my website http://www.attorneybarbaradalvano.weebly.com.

I recently attended a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Estate Planning Council.  The Council is an organization of leading estate planning professionals in Denver. Members of the council include estate planning lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, and financial planners.  http://www.rockymountainepc.org

The Council’s mission “is to provide opportunities for the practitioners of multiple disciplines to meet for education designed to improve the level of proficiency regarding estate planning.”

During the meeting I had the pleasure of a contact with Amy Florian.  Using her unique talents, experience and expertise as a grief counselor,  Amy holds seminar sessions titled: “A Friend Indeed: How To Help Someone You Love When They Are Grieving.” 

As an estate planning attorney I am often in touch with families who amidst the often challenging legal issues of dealing with the Will and Probate matters of a loved one, are going through the personal grief of loss.  Her Book “No Longer Awkward: Communicating with Clients Through the Toughest Times of Life” (available through Amazon) was written for professionals like myself who must offer legal solutions during these most difficult times of a client’s life. 

You can find out more about Amy by visiting the website of her company  www.corgenius.com

 In addition, under the Estate Planning Materials page of my website  www.attorneybarbaradalvano.weebly.com  you will find a bibliography that Amy Florian has developed of books on the topic of grief and grieving.

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