My ‘Bespoke’ Law Practice

I have come across the term “bespoke” many times. Having traveled in England, I knew that it referred to the creation of custom made clothing, as in bespoke tailor.  There is a great attention to detail in the tailoring of ‘bespoke’.  When properly crafted, such a garment fits the wearer to perfection.  However, the term ‘bespoke’ can readily apply to the world of law and particularly to my practice areas of Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts.  These legal documents are truly ‘bespoke’’ hand-crafted, customized and fitted to each single client.

Interestingly, bespoke also involves a high degree of control by the client.  The document is “built” to client specifications, tailored to very individual needs.  Just as the person who purchases a bespoke garment, my client has a great deal of control and input over what goes into the ‘fabric’ of the document. The legal document of a Will or Trust also requires a high degree of involvement by the client.  Questions are asked; ideas proposed and either accepted in full; accepted in part; or discarded. Questions of federal, state and tax law are researched and analyzed to assure that the final document stands the legal tests and ‘fits’ the current legal climate.

The four stages of any document preparation are:

Stage One – Initial conference –  my client and I discuss the general issues and I prepare a draft plan/proposal which includes time line, costs, benefits, probable solutions. This can be done by telephone or via Skype.

Stage Two – Meeting – the appointment is set at my client’s convenience to review the proposal/ outline of the work to be performed. Fees are discussed and the client and I sign the client agreement.

Stage Three – Legal Options are presented and draft copies are reviewed by my client. The client can review these documents in person at my office or any suitable location that is convenient to my client.  My client can also utilize their discrete, secure client portal to view documents. When necessary, revisions are made to the draft, for example if the client suddenly remembers an asset that was not included in the Estate Plan.

Stage Four – Documents are signed. Again, this stage of time and place for signing is at the convenience of my client.

When finalized, the client “owns” a document fitted to their very individual need. Truly bespoke.   


Working to Preserve Your Wealth and Protect Your Future in a Constantly Changing World.

This post has been brought to you through the Law Office of Barbara Ann Dalvano. This information is provided for educational purposes only and to generate ideas, provoke thought and facilitate conversation. It is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. Each person’s situation is different and this information should not and cannot be relied upon as legal, tax, accounting or investment advice. Please read the entire disclaimer for more important information.

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